Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My cooking inspiration

Hello there and welcome to my first EVER blog post
Upon receiving a cookbook entitled 'Whitewater Cooks with Friends' from my wonderful sister Jenna for a bridal shower gift a few days ago, I became inspired to dust off the pots and pans after a busy summer and fall and get back to the basics of cooking.  My sister is a constant cooking inspiration for me - she makes whipping up a pie crust look like a piece of cake (no pun intended)! Thank you Jenna for the continued inspiration, advice and sister love. This post is for you....

Sopa de black bean with salsa crema w/ a side of Nann bread (I'm a sucker for bread!!)
Kevin (the finance) was a major fan of this soup - spicy and hearty


  1. Congrats! Blogging is fun! Watch out while it starts to take over your life! lol!

  2. Fun idea! That soup looks amazing-I may need to buy myself an early Christmas present so I can try out some of those recipes.