Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Green Smoothie

I have been drinking green smoothies for about a year now and they have become a daily staple breakfast item for both Kevin and I. 

I have always loved fruit smoothies…I mean who doesn't?! So refreshing and delicious! I started drinking fruit smoothies with protein powder in them for breakfast a few years ago and really enjoyed the simplicity.  Wake up, make a smoothie, take it with me to work and sip on it throughout the morning.  Adding protein powder to my smoothie makes it more filling and allows me to just have a smoothie for breakfast and feel full until lunch time.  

My Mom got onto to Green Smoothies through my cousin Katie.  She purchased a Blend Tec and started making them part of her daily routine.  Safe to say they have changed her life and improved her energy levels! Slowly but surely I got more inventive with my morning smoothie and started adding more greens and viola the green smoothie was born into our house.  I couldn't image my life without this green stuff! I love working out and then coming home and having my smoothie - its delicious, satisfying, healthy and makes me feel so amazing! Having 5+ servings of fruit and veggies before lunch is an amazing way to kick start your day.

We don't stick to a recipe we use what we have - these are our typical smoothie items

Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder
Chia Seeds
Frozen Fruit (I prefer mango or pineapple)
Fresh Ginger 
Lemon (1/4 of lemon for a blender full)

We sometimes will add pear, apple, cucumber, avocado or celery - just depends on what we have and feel like! Oh and cinnamon is a delicious addition as well.

Do you like smoothies?


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  1. I have been curious about trying green smoothies for breakfast for a long time now. I like the idea of prepackaging one in a ziploc and tossing a bunch pre made in the freezer for the week. I think I'll have to start experimenting before my next job and perfect them. :) Thanks for the inspiration!