Monday, 19 December 2011

Baking Confidence

So excited right now I just cannot contain it! I just finished baking my first ever batch of homemade cinnamon buns!!!!
I have had a fear of making homemade (completely from scratch) buns and bread for sometime now.  Today I decided to just go for it.  We are having my family over for Xmas even brunch and I really wanted to make these so today was my trial run.  I don't know what I was so scared of - they turned out fantastic!!
It was a little time consuming but in the end so worth it
Kevin can hardly wait to get home from work since I've been texting him pictures of these

The process

Final product

May add some icing for extra sweetness for our brunch
If anyone would like the recipe I would be happy to post it (From Whitewater cookbook)

Take chances in the kitchen friends, it is well worth it!!!

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  1. YUM! I cut down the work by making my dough in my bread machine. You guys should register for one if you haven't. I love my bread machine!! (it also makes jam!)