Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Boots - Can you even own to many pairs?

As most girls do - I LOVE BOOTS.  I love how they are so versatile and can make any ordinary outfit into something magnificent. Today I wanted to share with you some pics of my favourite boots:
These are my 'go-to boots' I purchased them in Vegas last year and have definitely gotten my moneys worth out of them. I love wearing them day to day with jeans, in the fall with a skirt or in the summer with dresses.  I even wore them in our engagement photos this past summer (see below photo).  I will be sad when I wear out these puppies

 Recent Grand Forks purchase - my first pair of 'motorcycle boots'
Also a recent purchase - I am IN LOVE already. I feel like these go with anything...

My question to you - how many pairs of boots do you own and is there such a thing as owning to many?

Danielle (15 pairs - including winter boots)

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  1. 9 pairs (including winter boots) and still looking for the perfect pair of riding boots...