Thursday, 5 December 2013

I'm Back & Goals

I'm back! Back from a long blog hiatus…. I am re-energized and ready to share with you: things that inspire me, outfits, fashion tips, recipes, food inspirations, random photos, travel stories and other things that are important to me!

Blog Goals

1. Better Photos
I am trying to get better at taking pictures with my DSLR (Canon Rebel) meaning not just using the auto setting. I am especially focusing on getting better at my food photography so I'm taking the Food Photography E-Course by +Minimalist Baker because the food photos on that blog are just amazing! I also use my iPhone 5s for food and other photos to post on Instagram of course.

Green Smoothie - Taken with iPhone 5s
Kale - Taken with iPhone 5s

2. Stay inspired to post meaningful and exciting content

3. Take outfits posts in a variety of beautiful outdoor & indoor settings


1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy your back blogging! Don't let the dreaded "blogger guilt" get you down…just remember, this blog is supposed to be an outlet and a place for you to share the things you love, not an anchor!
    Have fun!!