Sunday, 22 December 2013

This weeks food highlights - Week 1

Happy Sunday! 

3 days till Christmas - I can't wait! My siblings all arrived from B.C. yesterday so we will be having lots of fun family time over the next week. Fun with my family always involves delicious food…we have lots of yummy dinners planned including an appy dinner tonight, homemade sushi tomorrow and then of course Christmas turkey feasts with both my family and Kevin's family. Yummm! 

I have decided to start a series called 'This weeks food highlights' where I will post my favorite food pics from the week. This will most often include food I have made at home but I will also include meals at friends/families houses or food from restaurants.  I hope you enjoy looking at pictures of food as much as I do! I will try to included links to recipes and some details of my homemade recipes. Please comment if you have questions about any of the recipes.
Top Left: Homemade Sushi - We were practicing for the sushi dinner we are making for my family tomorrow night!
Rolls included: 1) Avocado, Cucumber & Green Onion 2) Salmon, Avocado, Cucumber & Green Onion served with Spicy Chili Garlic Mayo, Wasabi and Soya Sauce
Top Right: Christmas Baking - White Chocolate Ginger Buttons & Biscotti (I put my own spin on this Biscotti recipe from Canadian Living and made 2 kinds - Hazlenut and Chocolate & Fig, Pecan and Parmesan Cheese)
Bottom Left: Lean Green Power Salad - So yummy! We had leftovers for 2 days and the kale stayed so nice and crunchy. Such a healthy, hearty salad.
Bottom Right: Healthy dinner we had one night this week - Lean Green Power Salad, Healthy Sweet Potato Skins (I adapted this recipe - I excluded the chickpeas and mozzarella cheese and added some cayenne pepper for a little kick! Roasted Beets with Fresh Dill, Salt, Pepper and Balsamic Vinegar
Happy Holidays Everyone!Danielle

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  1. Yum! All of that looks so amazing! Nick would kill me if I fed him a vegetarian meal like the one you've got there with the sweet potato. The best I can manage is to feed him a veggie pasta..and even that's a stretch. Hard to believe him and Kev came from the same house!

    See you in few days! Can't wait!