Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends! 

I was lucky enough to have all my family home for Christmas (my sister and brother in law from BC and my two brothers who have also been living in BC the past couple of months).  We enjoyed lots of delicious food, watched Christmas movies, did puzzles, visited with friends, spent a bit of time outside (it has been FREEZING here - we are in our second week of -30 temps everyday). Then we spent a couple of days in Winnipeg with Kevin's family which was lovely as well! We had a big family dinner and spent time with his parents, brothers and sis' in laws.  We are feeling very grateful to have such amazing family and friends and we are looking forward to another amazing year in 2014!

To start the year off I thought I would share a few holiday photos. Enjoy!

Delicious is an understatement for this cake my sister made - hazelnut heaven!! Yummy

Sleigh ride at the Ranch with some great friends!

Fun on the sleigh!

Kevin & Dallas

Table all set for Christmas Eve Brunch at our place!

Cappuccinos & Lattes were very popular this holiday due to my brothers new found
love of frothing milk!!

Christmas Eve Brunch - Waffles, Fruit Salad & Bacon

My family relaxing after brunch

Chris & Logan

Christmas Eve Ski with family and friends

Spoiled this Christmas! My new Michael Kors bag from Kevin

Kona's Stocking full of toys at the Klatt residence!

Opening presents!

Lisa & myself!

Lisa, Kirsten and I

Kevin and his best friend Derek sharing a moment - haha

Annual girls Christmas party at my place! Had a blast catching up with the ladies however we missed those
who live far away and those who were unable to attend due to weather!!

Cheese Platter

Snacks & Drinks for girls party

Me! I failed miserably at taking outfit posts over the holidays. I got dolled up so many times
but was always in a hurry….. selfies it is

Kona and I enjoying some fun in the sun


Bundled up for the cold temps

Snowshoeing with Jenna on her last day in MB

Mare & I on NYE @ Krista & Scott's Wedding Social

Jody, Mare, Krista, Gill, Steph and I



  1. Happy New Year! I know all too well the pain of dressing up and running out of time for outfit photos….happens all the time to me…it takes serious planning..which I always fail at..haha!

    ps. still coveting your Michael Kors bag…gorgeous!