Monday, 27 January 2014

It is Monday and it is cold!

Hello and Happy Monday! I'm excited it's Monday because it's my first of 3 days off! Sometimes having the opposite schedule to the rest of the population is kind of nice and sometimes it sucks. Haha.  I usually do my 'This weeks food highlights' post on Monday but I will do that tomorrow instead.  Today I just feel like ranting and posting a picture of myself all bundled up (the weather here is ridiculously cold and I would like a hot vacation right now!!) Sometimes I wonder why we live here.  I am generally not a complainer and am generally a lover of winter….however this winter is a different story.  It's been very cold for many many weeks in a row and I've had enough! The extreme cold causes Kevin to miss days of work since he works outside, makes us not able to do fun outdoor stuff like x-country skiing without freezing and makes us burn a lot of fire wood! Anyway that's my rant and now I will go back to sucking it up, staying positive and enjoying this Manitoba winter while it is here! I have a lot to be grateful for and there are worse things then the cold :)

Now I am going to make homemade sushi, drink red wine and celebrate a good friends birthday!


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  1. Yup. This winter sucks. We're cooped up here too and I've also been dreaming of a hot vacation. Let's all run away to the Caribbean ok?